Welcome to my interactive web site! I have been in the wedding industry for 27 years and have played at least 2500 weddings. This gives me a fascinating perspective, much of it poignant, memorable and hilarious.

Some weddings are unusual, such as transgender, same sex, cult, nudist or on horseback. I've played a Lord of the Rings wedding that was conducted in Elvish. Some are lavish and others are fleeting, such as one where a communist defector married at the airport. Some have been interrupted by accident (bride fell and broke leg on step to altar), one came to her wedding in an ambulance escorted by a nurse holding her IV. The tragic ones involved alcohol.

Did you know playing at the Columbia Tower Club involves 48 elevator rides to set up and break down? And there is a wonderful tunnel system under the streets to get from the load zone to inside the Fairmont Hotel in Seattle.

My harp has a $50,000 replacement value with over $10,000 of 23 kt. gold leaf. It is very delicate, yet I move it myself, often many times a day. I have a unique profession, a unique place in the community and a unique perspective to share. I would like to be enriched by hearing from you as well!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Boxing Day 2018 Romantic Wedding!!

"Hello Susan,  I'm still high on that day and have a flood of joy to process.  We got amazing reviews about your presence, what a great compliment it was to our wedding.  Thank you for being with us and for allowing me to take your seat for a moment and play.  Our family and friends loved you!"
I met two of the nicest people in the world at the Dusty Strings Open House.  A few days later we met in my living room for a wedding consultation.  The groom joined us via Skype while delivering a baby at Highline Hospital!  This was a very romantic couple, and a very warm and friendly wedding!

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